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We are proposing a mixed-use development that we believe will maximise the wonderful potential of this location on the newly improved M8 corridor, making best use of existing infrastructure, while complementing long-term investment in Eurocentral and encouraging the regeneration of surrounding communities.


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EuroPark is an exciting new landmark project located in the central belt of Scotland that’s been designed to complement the thriving hub of Eurocentral and support the regeneration of existing surrounding communities.

Plans for the exceptionally designed development include housing, retail, leisure and community facilities which will amount to one of the biggest projects of its kind to be proposed in Scotland.

Orchard Brae Ltd is taking forward the proposed development on the extensive site, which is in excess of 550 acres and located just off the M8, with neighbouring Eurocentral to the south.

The centrepiece of the proposed project is 2,600 high quality homes, collectively entitled ‘The Villages’, which would surround a newly established Country and Heritage Park featuring the Monkland Canal and Calder Water, spanning more than half of the site.

In addition, new hotel, conference, retail and school facilities are also being proposed.

About Orchard Brae

Orchard Brae Ltd is a local developer with a strong vision to bring EuroPark to life. It has an agreement in place with all of the individual land owners to develop the land within the site boundary.

The developers are progressing a proposal that will offer a mixed-use development with distinct character that will present the perfect blend of open green space and intimate new village areas, all located on a prime location off the M8 corridor, making it accessible and very well connected to the transport network.