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We envisage an artwork in the park that will help put it on the map as a destination of national importance – one that could reflect the steel-working, deep-mining past of the surrounding towns and villages.

europark’s vision is the creation of a brand new sustainable community in a prime location that’s perfect for families and commuters who are looking for a uniquely integrated and sustainable 21st century approach on development that is green at heart.

Orchard Brae, and its project team, has consulted closely with local residents and other key stakeholders since the first consultation period in 2016. These discussions and local viewpoints have shaped its proposals significantly.

The notion of a Country and Heritage Park at the heart of the project was one of the key points that arose from talking to local communities and this is something EuroPark has committed to taking on board. The developers have created a Green Masterplan to ensure this is a central element of proposals as they move forward.

In line with community feedback derived from the first consultation period in 2016, the number of homes was also reduced from its initial 3,000 to 2,600 and a larger buffer from the existing village of Calderbank has been created.

As part of the Green Masterplan, a piece of public art is being proposed that celebrates the area’s heritage as it looks to the future while retaining one foot in the past. This will help celebrate the strong mining and industrial steel history of the site and ensure the landmark is a nod to its rich heritage.


Community Benefits

We believe that the development will lead to the creation of a truly sustainable community – socially, culturally, environmentally and economically.

Collectively, the investment will stimulate the local economy and help to raise occupation at neighbouring Eurocentral’s Maxim Business Park, which currently stands at 20 per cent.

Some 930 jobs will also be directly created from the project, helping to address local labour needs, with a further 4,650 construction jobs being created during the build process.


A socio-economic study commissioned by the developers has revealed the significant wider benefits that the project would hold for surrounding communities, providing a marked long-term boost. These include:

  • Investment in North Lanarkshire in excess of £500 million in new residential, business and commercial accommodation, and community services development
  • Approximately 930 direct local jobs, addressing local labour market needs and providing job opportunities for the long-term and youth unemployed
  • Net additional economic output of £13.8 million Gross Value Added (GVA) per annum for the local area and £32.2 million GVA per annum in Scotland
  • Additional domestic and non-domestic rates/council tax revenue of some £10.7 million per annum, with an opportunity for this to be invested back into the community by the local authority
  • Additional household income local to the area of £126.4 million available to be spent on goods and services
  • A peak of approximately 4,650 temporary construction jobs, helping to support the local and wider area’s construction sector
  • A new neighbourhood hub to include a range of facilities such as shops, food and drink outlets, health centre, community centre, cinema, hotel and leisure facilities.
  • Regeneration benefits in the surrounding communities equivalent to the value of at least £4.9 million per annum, through a reduction in both unemployment and in homelessness.

EuroPark will provide a range of significant boosts to the wider area, including considerable investment that will help to secure the long-term economic future of North Lanarkshire.