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europark will bring 2,600 much-needed homes, including 1,000 affordable and social properties, to the area, situated in affordable villages with mixed tenure around central Scotland’s newest Country and Heritage Park which will form the hub of this landmark project.

Homes are expected to be of varying types to accommodate the wide requirements of the area, including everyone from first-time buyers, to growing families, and those looking to downsize.

Orchard Brae is currently in discussion with housing providers to deliver the affordable element of the housing provision.

The homes will be delivered in phases entitled The Villages and will form key pockets around the development to maintain the ‘green’ feel of the project.



High quality housing with a woodland backdrop; south facing with exceptional views.


Calderbank North

The development closest to Calderbank providing new education facilities and other services. These villages are connected by an exceptional green network.


Calder Isle

Development sitting between the Calder Water and the Monkland Canal. Very high quality housing in an exceptional natural setting within walking distance of Eurocentral.



Similarly high quality housing nestled in existing mature woodland.



Currently, much of the site remains underused and unmanaged – and we are keen to work with local communities to help maintain and harness what’s best about it.

Furthermore, the EuroPark plans would open the site up to new usage, encouraging interaction with the natural environment, creating wider leisure opportunities, and promoting greater wellbeing for current and future residents.

The Monkland Canal and Calder Water wind their way through the heart of the site which has played a key role in shaping the design approach of EuroPark.

As part of these proposals, Orchard Brae is in discussion with Scottish Canals on the best way to reinvigorate and enhance the canal which runs through EuroPark.

The vision includes upgrading of the canal and canalside and the positioning of new pontoons along the length of the canal to encourage people to use and enjoy the local waters.



It is being proposed that two new schools will form part of the plans for EuroPark in order to alleviate any strains on the current education provision in the nearby villages.

This will help to establish EuroPark as a brand new community accommodating the needs of all who live there.



Proposals are expected to include retail provision including the potential for leisure opportunities, which would offer residents and surrounding local communities a brand new offering which is not currently available in the area and will assist in driving business and economic interests to the area.

In addition to retail, a host of health centres, business and leisure facilities, and a retirement community is also being proposed which will also serve local communities as well as the new development.

The plans will open up the area to local residents, both current and future, as well as the thousands employed at Eurocentral via proposed pedestrian bridges and walkways.



If proposals for a multi-million pound high-speed rail link go ahead, EuroPark could become one of the most connected new developments in the country.

Transport Scotland is carrying out a feasibility study on taking high-speed trains from London to Glasgow and Edinburgh with Eurocentral considered the ideal spot for an intersection station.

This could mean commuters would be able to travel by rail from EuroPark to London in under three hours, bringing significant benefits to North Lanarkshire.