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What are you proposing for this site?

We are proposing an extensive new landmark project to complement the thriving employment hub of Eurocentral between the existing settlements of Carnbroe and Calderbank.

A revised Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council earlier this month, outlining our proposed ‘EuroPark’ development on a 550 acre site adjacent to the M8, with neighbouring Eurocentral to the south.

The centrepiece of our proposed project is 2,600 high quality homes, of which 1,600 will be private dwellings and more than 1,000 will be social affordable and social properties situated in an affordable village. New cycle and pedestrian routes have also been earmarked for the site, intersected by the Monkland Canal and Calder Water, along with new hotel, conference, retail and school facilities.

We believe that the green heart of the site, which will be designed around an improved canal route and sympathetically regenerated Country and Heritage Park, could become a nationally important visitor destination.


Why are you looking at this land for development?

We have identified this area for its potential for residential development, maximising the fantastic location and natural beauty of what we think is an underutilised site.

EuroPark sits within the heart of the M8 development corridor and, as a result of the recently completed upgrades, we believe that there is a sustained desire for a mix of family homes and amenities in this area, meeting local need and satisfying market demand.

With the new transport infrastructure now complete, we have been able to further hone our masterplan proposals to integrate with the new road layouts and press ahead with a refreshed vision.


This is designated green belt land – shouldn’t it remain that way?

EuroPark is Green at Heart, with more than half of the development being formalised as a Country and Heritage Park with a combination of woodland, open space, parkland and sports pitches.

If approval is granted, care will be taken to minimise any adverse impacts on existing places and where possible, communities will be directly involved in the management of facilities and land.


Your proposal for 2,600 homes appears to be a lot for one development – surely the impact will be considerable?

The land could accommodate a development far in excess of this figure, but we want to integrate sensitively with the surrounding area and maintain a strong onus on quality housing, matched by significant green space, complete with wide natural leisure opportunities.

The 2,600 homes will actually be spread across a collection of four individual but integrated villages, thus making for a sensitively distributed development and reducing overall impact.


Will you be making any contributions to the local area?

Through a Section 75 agreement, we plan to deliver a comprehensive community and education infrastructure. It will also bring new commercial uses including health and fitness, local retail, hotel and conference facilities.

Our plan also includes upgrades to the cycle, walk and water ways that run through EuroPark. Indeed, we believe that the proposed green heart can, in time, become a nationally important visitor destination.

We feel we are getting closer to something that will not only benefit the surrounding local communities but North Lanarkshire as a whole by attracting business and prosperity to the area.


How many jobs will be created by the development?

It is thought that around 930 direct local jobs, addressing local labour market needs and providing job opportunities for the long-term and youth unemployed.

EuroPark offers a considerable opportunity to develop a new community which will contribute to sustainable development and the long-term economic growth of the area, helping fulfil the site’s outstanding potential and complementing the employment hub of Eurocentral.

It is also hoped that fresh employment benefits will be created for existing communities surrounding the proposed development, providing a long-term economic boost.


Can you put a figure on how much investment you’ll be making in North Lanarkshire?

We undertook a socio-economic study last year which found that EuroPark would hold significant wider benefits for surrounding communities, providing a marked long-term boost.


Will there be any affordable housing within your proposed development?

Our proposal is for more than 1,000 social affordable and market rent properties, which we believe will help to meet a considerable local need for accommodation of this type. We will continue to discuss this aspect of the development with North Lanarkshire Council as our plan moves forward.

Orchard Brae is in preliminary discussions with a major affordable housing provider and believes that this element of the proposals will help to provide a diverse range of houses suitable for all amid a vibrant new community, representing a significant contribution to North Lanarkshire’s housing supply.


How will the creation of new housing affect school capacities?

Orchard Brae has undertaken research in this area, and believes that its proposal for new educational facilities at the green heart of the site will help to meet the needs of families moving into the area, offsetting capacity demands elsewhere.


What is the expected mix of homes?

We will work with a consortium of housebuilders to deliver The Villages within EuroPark. There will be a broad mix of housing options available. However, the specifics will be determined by our homebuilding partners as the proposals evolve in close consultation with North Lanarkshire Council.


Will there still be open space accessible to walkers who regularly use this spot?

This is a major element of our vision for the site, as we look to revitalise and supplement the existing green environment for new and existing residents alike. We propose to do this with new pedestrian and cycle routes, and improvements to the Monkland Canal route through the site.

We pledge to maintain local access where possible. In addition, significant greenery will be retained. Orchard Brae is committed to preserving and maintaining trees of value, and plans to undertake a significant process of replanting where trees have had to be removed.

We believe that the green heart of the site could become a nationally important visitor destination.


How many trees do you expect to fell?

EuroPark strives to be green at heart – therefore, we are looking to remove a very limited number of trees from the site. We hope to retain as many as possible, creating a beautiful, natural setting, while a dedicated programme of replanting will offset those that are removed.


Are there any rare forms of wildlife currently inhabiting the area of proposed development?

It is our objective to maintain as much of the natural environment as possible and retain it as part of the development, which will preserve wildlife and its habitats. Once conducted, a copy of our habitat survey will be available to view on request.

We are also undertaking detailed analysis including a flood risk and drainage assessment, archaeological survey, transport assessment, landscape and visual impact assessment, noise survey, air quality survey, and economic assessment.


How long will it take to build?

The scheme will be delivered in phases – likely to be over a 20-30 year period.


How will people be kept informed about progress on the project?

You will be able to follow progress on, which will be updated with news.