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Green at Heart

Our hope is to achieve an outward-looking, nationally important development that  interacts, informs and enhances its environment, breathing new life into underused  green space, while actively improving the canal network for the benefit of all.


A proposed Country and Heritage Park – with the working title of ‘RiverPark’ – at the centre of this new housing, retail and business development has the unique opportunity to become a nationally important visitor destination.

Orchard Brae Ltd believes that the EuroPark project could create a landmark sustainable attraction that significantly widens usage, showcases and enhances existing natural assets, and celebrates the area’s industrial heritage.

EuroPark’s green masterplan includes the retention of the Woodhall and Faskine woodlands – and offers a huge opportunity to create a well-managed public space that will become one of Scotland’s most exciting new parks for all to enjoy.

The country and heritage park that will be formed as the hub of the proposed development could ultimately lead to community ownership.

Subject to planning permission, four new distinct areas of parkland will be created across the site’s considerable retained green space – amounting to 55 per cent of the entire site – with ponds, river, woodlands – with increased planting – and the canal becoming true focal points. The four areas include:

Monkland Canal Park

This parkland with a formal character would have managed landscape, a heritage trail, and water activities/tourism.

North Calder Park

Parkland with a natural and informal character, habitat corridor with rich  biodiversity, sheltered seating, trim trail and jogging mile markers, including active  use of the route.

Woodland Estate Park

A formal, designed estate with a mature and established wooded area that would be enhanced by management of the existing vegetation.

Community Park

Focused around a centrepiece artwork, this usable space would provide orchards and allotments, enhancement of the existing woodland by management of vegetation, and enhancement of existing views.


The rejuvenated parkland network will give locals a formalised open space to explore and enjoy, preserving the best of the landscape for future generations while providing better paths and lighting that will heighten safety for new and existing users.

Orchard Brae is also working with Scottish Canals to invigorate and maximise the potential of the Monkland Canal and Calder Water, with pontoons on the canal and improved walkways giving the public access to new leisure opportunities.

In total, the EuroPark project will offer 283 acres of potential country and heritage park – a significantly larger green space compared with other nearby parks including Calderglen (195 acres), Drumpellier (249 acres) and Cathkin Braes (267 acres).


Fundamentally, we want to complement and enhance the natural beauty of the site, not detract from it. It’s what makes this proposed development unique and we want to realise the true potential of those wonderful existing assets.

With that in mind, and as part of our commitment to being ‘green at heart’, we have outlined plans to create a country and heritage park at the very core of the development.